Monday, September 8, 2008

One week and counting...

I coin out next Tuesday September 16th on my 50th birthday which will be my 48th day of treatment at Sundance. One week to go and I still have no clue what lies ahead for me except for continued sobriety. I am very grateful for that and am keeping that as the center of my day to day existence yet I am growing impatient and a tad fearful of my future beyond these sheltered walls and I find myself falling into worry more and more as my discharge looms closer on the horizon. I have pretty much concluded and presented all the assignments of the Sundance program, except a few RRA letters which I still need to present in group. I have a few more sessions with Annette & Kirby and sooner than I can imagine I'll have this little coin in my pocket and sent on my way. Forty eight days is hardly enough time to compensate for thirty eight years of addictive living and relapse prevention is at the forefront of my aftercare plan.

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