Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Root of My Problems

There have been several people in my lifetime that upon meeting them for the first time that have recoiled in fear for no apparent reason and I've always just blown it off. Then a few years ago when I was stranded with a broken down car in the middle of New Mexico and old native american woman  sat down on a curb and spoke to me as I was washing blood off my grill (jackrabbit) which was a sinister looking black Chrysler 300 with limo tint windows and rims that looked like saw blades that also had two very real bullet holes in the rear quarter panel....I was on the run. Anyway, she walked up to me and greeted me with a pleasant manor and called me a "Dibbick" which I have researched as follows:
In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk (Hebrewדיבוק‎) is a malicious or benevolent[1] possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person.[2]
Dybbuks are said to have escaped from Sheol or to have been turned away for serious transgressions, such as suicide, for which the soul is denied entry[citation needed]. The word "dybbuk" is derived from the Hebrew דיבוק, meaning "attachment"; the dybbuk attaches itself to the body of a living person and inhabits the flesh. According to belief, a soul that has been unable to fulfill its function during its lifetime is given another opportunity to do so in dybbuk form. It supposedly leaves the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped.

I don't know but when I'm bad, it's as if I am someone else....

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