Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ontario, Late September, By the Tracks, 03:55 AM

The 03:55 just rolled by and the the borrowed from previous tenants upstairs/end/corner room at the Red Roof shook as she blew through Westward to the docks of San Pedro where I was just last night...."It will folllow the concrete banks of the LA River" I thought....fitting.

She is dying inside me like one of my molars did....a good twinge that takes you to your knees in less frequent intervals, less intensity, shorter duration but still capable of profound pain and audible cries only given as the locomotive passed by in an attempt to stifle them....fuck...gotta wait another hour till the next one I think to myself.

The sun will be coming up shortly after that one...out there over Indio I suppose. Days fly by like the used Kleenex she used to collect on her nightstand. That used to drive me insane as I now wish I had one to dry these tears that come when I think of them...and her. Did she fall asleep in the bath again? I wonder if she's up and if so, is she alone?

Think I'll shave today...maybe even eat. Most days I just don't see the point....but it's time to get busy livin because dying will come along soon enough.

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