Monday, July 6, 2015

The Price of 45 Years of This Life

I started smoking and drinking at the age of five (yes 5). My parents used to have a bridge club with three other couples and once every four months they would host. They all drank and smoked (it was 1963) and my brother Tom and I would wait up in our bedroom for them to breakup and head outside to say goodnight and get into their big Chryslers, Buicks and Mercurys with fins and call it a night. Tom and I only had like 5 minutes to race downstairs to forage for leftovers while they were outside....Tom went for the leftover pies, cakes and candies while I went for the stogies, butts and drinks.

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Phil Jasons said...

Missed the connection between the clip and the writing, but the clip was hilarious.