Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Big Old Mortality 2x4 my older sister is in life threatening state in the hospital back east now for two weeks with cellulitis which has turned into a staff infection of her blood, spinal meningitis and also type 2 diabetes and from all reports pretty despondent. As if that wasn't enough my eldest brother who had prostate cancer and surgury five years ago has discovered hit has metastasized into his hip and has a psa of over 700 and seeking experimental treatment abroad. I just lost Pop it can't be time to lose either one but *WHAP* guess what?

The old mortality 2x4 just smacked me upside the head...of course they could go I pray to an unknown God that it's not but if I left it up to him/her/it they'd probably already been gone....last I heard no body's actually proved the existence of anything but death that happens to us all. Some days I like to kid myself and say I'm ready now....done all, seen all, been all I could possibly do, see or be but that's bullshit. Well I wish them well on their paths...thank them for being a part of my life and say fight or no fight is a personal choice and one we must all make alone.I hope you both get a chance to sprinkle my ashes down some sleazy alley behind a whore house when my time comes but just in case not I think I'll tell you both now while you can read this....thanks and in round two YOU get to sit in the middle with the "hump"!

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