Saturday, September 15, 2012

Voodoo Doll

So "she" keeps a little voodoo doll of me in her closet and sticks pins in it whenever she wants to blame me for some inadequacy or pain in her life. I went back last weekend and visited...I know...she came over here a few weeks ago and we spent on night together and she told me afterward that she finally had her "closure" and could move on without animosity. Well, that obviously was not the case because this evening I get a text early in the evening stating:

Hope you are enjoying your evening. I'm about ready to throw up as I'm on my way out on a blind date. I can't sit at home forever. (it's been three days since I left mind you) Damn you for leaving me after three years.
Then a few hours later this comes in:

You may feel some pain somewhere on your body. I'm afraid another pin is going in the you doll for tonight. Yes, it's sick and twisted but I just feel I must do it. Sorry. 

Whatever, but it does make me curious as to how long she will go through life blaming me for every bad blind date.
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